The CV Nanotechnology aluminum oxide polishing products are available in both slurry and powder formulations. The CVA series premium alumina polishing slurries were developed for very demanding surface finishing applications. The sub-micron aluminum oxide polishing powders are a cost-effective solution. Depending upon the application and surface finishing requirements, our alumina powders are designed as either the final step polishing material or can be used as a prior step to one of our premium aluminum oxide slurries. For enhanced removal rate and surface finish we also offer formulated slurries with proprietary chemistry.

Polishing Slurries Polishing Powders
Alumina Finish Polishing Slurry, CVA-303
Alumina Finish Polishing Slurry, CVA-308
Alumina Polishing Slurry, CVA-203
Alumina Polishing Slurry, CVA-205
Alumina Polishing Slurry, CVA-207
Alumina Polishing Slurry, CVA-209
Alumina Polishing Powder, CVA-213P
Alumina Polishing Powder, CVA-215P
Alumina Polishing Powder, CVA-217P
Alumina Polishing Powder, CVA-219P