CV Nanotechnology specializes in developing innovative slurries for precision polishing applications including precision glass and optical materials that require excellent surface finishes. For the most demanding applications, our ceria slurries enable sub-angstrom surface finishes on a variety of optical materials. The ceria polishing slurries are available in both high purity ceria slurries and our own unique blend of ceria with other rare earth oxides. CV Nanotechnology also offers a cost-effective line of ceria polishing powders for glass polishing and precision optics polishing. The ceria powders series can be used as the final polishing step or a prior step to our ceria superior polishing slurries.

Polishing Slurries Polishing Powders
Ceria Polishing Slurry (High Purity), CVC-139
Ceria Polishing Slurry, CVC-190
Ceria Polishing Slurry, CVC-110
Ceria Polishing Slurry, CVC-112
Ceria Polishing Slurry, CVC-107
Ceria Glass Polishing Powder, CVC-811
Ceria Glass Polishing Powder, CVC-815
Ceria Glass Polishing Powder, CVC-817
Ceria Glass Polishing Powder, CVC-819